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We are your ally throughout the year. In winter, we provide impeccable snow removal. With the arrival of spring, our passionate landscapers take over, from cleaning flower beds to repairing pavement. Our commitment? To offer quality, courtesy, and professionalism at every step.

Déneigement Hollandia uses GPS technology powered by Follosoft to offer you better service!

Snow removal

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Buy Equipment

Looking for superior quality snow removal equipment? Explore our selection of commercial blowers, available in inverted, conventional, front-mount, and scrapers models, covering a range from 54 to 102 inches. Don’t forget to also check out our fiberglass rods on sale, an essential complement to your equipment.

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About Us

Déneigement Hollandia is not just a
snow removal company

Since 1976, we have been proudly serving the residents of St-Constant and Candiac, providing professional and efficient snow removal services in the winter with our impressive fleet of 38 vehicles. By focusing our efforts on a limited area, we aim to offer you a faster and higher quality service. But our expertise doesn’t end there. As soon as the snowflakes melt, our dedicated team of landscapers takes over. From cleaning your flower beds to laying sod, from the meticulous trimming of shrubs and cedar hedges to expert repairs of interlocking paving and top dressing interventions with the addition of soil and reseeding, we are here to beautify and take care of your outdoor spaces in every season. With us, the quality of service, courtesy, and professionalism are at the heart of every intervention.

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Snow Removal

snow removal, déneigement Hollandia, Candiac, St-Constant, snow, winter

At your service since 1976

Déneigement Hollandia has been a cornerstone of snow clearing since 1976. Over time, we have consolidated our expertise, offering our clients superior quality service. Our long history is a testament to our unwavering commitment to professionalism and efficiency.

déneigement Hollandia, snow removal, tractor, snowblower, winter, St-Constant, Candiac

St-Constant & Candiac

Our service covers several key areas. In Candiac, we operate in sectors A, B, C, F, G and H. For St-Constant, we are proud to serve 95% of the city. Our extensive presence demonstrates our commitment to meeting your needs.

déneigement Hollandia, snow removal, winter, snow, Candiac, St-Constant

38 vehicles to serve you better

With a fleet of 38 vehicles, we are equipped to meet the most rigorous challenges of winter. These machines allow us to guarantee a quick and efficient response, thus ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our customers.


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Adding soil and reseeding

Adding soil or reseeding is an intervention to enrich and restore degraded soil by adding soil or compost and planting new seeds, thereby promoting better plant growth and preventing erosion.

déneigement Hollandia, flowerbed, flowers, landscaping, landscaper

Flowerbed cleaning

Un service de nettoyage de plate-bande est une intervention pour entretenir et revitaliser des zones de plantation, en éliminant les mauvaises herbes, les débris et les plantes mortes, permettant ainsi une croissance saine des plantes et un aspect esthétique amélioré.

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Spring cleaning

A spring cleaning service aims to actively refresh and methodically prepare outdoor spaces after the harshness of winter by removing accumulated debris, pruning plants judiciously, and cleaning surfaces, thus providing a healthy start for the new season.

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Pavement repair

At Déneigement Hollandia, we offer a pavement repair service. Leveraging our expertise, we provide restoration and rehabilitation of surfaces, rejuvenating damaged driveways and patios. Our commitment ensures precise finishes, for a renewed and enduring aesthetic of each space.

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Peat installation

Déneigement Hollandia also offers a specialized sod laying service. With a meticulous approach, from soil preparation to laying, Hollandia ensures a dense and robust lawn. Our expertise guarantees an impeccable finish, providing beauty and quality to every outdoor space.

déneigement Hollandia, cedar hedge, cutting, cedar hedge, shrub, leaves, landscaper, landscaping

Cutting cedar hedges

A hedge trimming service provides an aesthetic and sanitary makeover for your green spaces. Our experts sculpt your hedges and shrubs, remove old wood, and stimulate new growth, for an impeccable appearance and renewed vigor as spring approaches.

Our reviews on Google

marc lescarbeau
marc lescarbeau
Beau travail !
Jean-francois Menard
Jean-francois Menard
Année après année, les meilleurs !!
Alberto HOYLE
Alberto HOYLE
Efficient, very customer friendly and excellent service. You dont need to contact them, they always come and keep your driveway clean and ready for you in the morning. They also send you a text message few minutes before they pass, so you can move your car if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Snow Removal Procedures

On snowy days, we make one pass before 6:00 am and then make one or two additional passes during the day, starting around 9:00 am and finishing before 5:00 pm.

Our equipment is regularly maintained and replaced every three years. Additionally, our drivers receive annual training. We also use Teflon blades to protect the pavement, ensuring a gentle and effective intervention.

Yes, our contract is valid for a maximum of 275cm of snowfall. Beyond this measurement, a rate of $10 per additional 10cm increment would apply.

You can follow us on Facebook to stay updated on our work schedules. Additionally, each tractor is equipped with a mobile radio for efficient communication with our office.

It is the customer’s responsibility to remove any vehicles from the snow removal area. Any parking space occupied by a vehicle will be cleared during the next snowfall only. Additionally, please ensure that no objects are left in the driveway that could be hidden by the snow.

We take action for snow removal as soon as there is an accumulation of more than 5 cm of snow on your driveway. Our priority is to ensure the safety and usability of your access.


Punctuality guaranteed!

Whether it's early morning departures or post-storm clean-up, we respond quickly to ensure your mobility.

Trust us!

For 40 years in St-Constant and Candiac, we have been providing modern tractors and drivers trained annually to serve you. Mobilized as soon as there is 2 inches of snow, we guarantee an always accessible entrance with a touch of professionalism and courtesy. Your winter peace of mind is our commitment.

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déneigement Hollandia, snow removal, tractor, Candiac, St-Constant, snow, winter
Déneigement hollandia, snow removal, tractor, winter, Candiac, St-Constant, job

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